Dollar for Dollar, Contacts and LASIK Cost the Same over Time, but LASIK More Convenient By Dr. Ferzaad Moosa

Excel Laser Vision Institute


I sometimes meet patients who express some trepidation over the cost of LASIK surgery. While they want the convenience that they would gain with the results of LASIK, they also wonder how the cost of the procedure stacks up against the cost of contact lenses and glasses.


The cost of laser surgery varies from patient to patient because of such factors as different eye conditions and different prescriptions. For most patients, however, the price equates to a few dollars per day, over time. Daily disposables are generally considered the safest type of contact lens for most patients because they allow oxygen flow to the cornea. In addition, the fact that these lenses are only meant to be worn once makes it less likely that patients will experience eye infection. According to Consumer Reports Health, the cost of daily disposables ranges from $320 to about $545 per year, not including doctor visits. For extended-wear contact lenses, which are worn continuously for as long as a month, prove to be considerably cheaper than daily disposables, costing up to $240 per year for some brands. People who choose this option, however, risk such problems as microbial growth in the eye, damage to the surface of the cornea, and other effects that could further deteriorate their vision. Patients who wear multifocal contact lenses pay between $220 and $800, while toric lenses cost as much as $520 per year. People who wear glasses can expect to pay about $4,000 over time, not including doctor visits, if they purchase about 15 pairs of glasses. Designer frames and special lenses drive that cost still higher.


For most people, the cost of contact lens purchases and replacements over time nearly equals the cost of LASIK surgery. While the cost of LASIK surgery for most patients slightly exceeds that of buying eyeglasses, LASIK provides freedom and convenience that no device, no matter how well made or designed, can deliver.


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