Dr. Ferzaad Moosa: The LASIK Process – What to Expect on the Day of Your Surgery

Dr. Ferzaad Moosa has performed thousands of LASIK procedures since he opened the Excel Laser Vision Institute in 2000. While patients may be understandably nervous at having surgery performed on their eyes, LASIK procedures remain a safe, quick, and relatively painless alternative to corrective lenses. Dr. Moosa’s patients are often thrilled with their results and have expressed surprise at just how quickly and painlessly they are able to achieve improved vision.

Dr. Moosa describes the process patients can expect when they come to his office on the day of their surgery.

1.    Do not wear any cosmetic products to your surgery, including makeup, gels, lotions, or perfumes.

2.    Carefully wash along your eyelashes to remove any residue or debris.

3.    Follow any other pre-surgical instructions your doctor prescribes exactly.

4.    Have someone drive you to your appointment. Dress comfortably.

5.    Plan to spend at least an hour in the office. The surgery lasts approximately 15 minutes per eye.

6.    When you arrive at the office, make an appointment for follow-up care. Do this before the surgery rather than after, especially if you take medications to relax you during the surgery.

7.    When you enter the surgical suite, you will lie back in a comfortable reclining chair near the laser machine.

8.    The doctor may provide a medication to relax you. He or she will also administer eye drops to numb the eye.

9.    During the procedure, the doctor will hold the eye open with an instrument and place a suction ring on the cornea.

10.    Using a small surgical blade or laser, the doctor will cut a corneal flap and fold it to the side.

11.    Next, the doctor will use a preprogrammed laser to reshape and resurface the cornea.

12.    After the doctor finishes with the laser, he or she will replace the corneal flap and watch for a few moments to ensure it bonds.

13.    Following the procedure, your doctor will place antibiotic drops in your eyes to ward off infection and place an eye shield to protect them for the first few days afterwards.


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